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 Child Psychologist

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Dr. Myah Gittelson heads up an Integrated Care private practice in Studio City, CA, which provides consultation, diagnostics, social skills groups and workshops, parent training, and medication/nutritional guidance to support the child and family system via a collaborative team approach.

Dr. Gittelson is an experienced clinical psychologist and adept diagnostician specializing in early childhood intervention, with a focus on Developmental Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. As Dr. Gittelson continues to learn more regarding the variances among children on the Autism Spectrum, a unique perspective of female presentation of ASD caught her attention and is a current area of interest.


Dr. Gittelson was awarded her doctorate degree in 2006, from the California School of Professional Psychology program at Alliant International University, where she received clinical training in the area of Child and Family Psychology.

Dr. Gittelson gained additional training in Early Intervention with children Ages 0-5 at the Child and Family Center in Santa Clarita, California. This led to a position in Charlotte, North Carolina, working at a county Early Start program and conducting evaluations of Ages 0-5. While in Charlotte, Dr. Gittelson started her own private practice, providing a full complement of psychological services to toddlers through adulthood. Simultaneously, Dr. Gittelson was affiliated with The Tarnow Center for Self-Management in Houston, Texas, helping to develop a Self-Management™ model for children and families struggling with executive functioning skills. Upon relocating back to California, Dr. Gittelson joined the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, where she has performed over 2,000 psychological assessments to date. These assessments are specifically focused on assessing Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Intellectual Impairments in patients ranging from toddlers to adults.

Dr. Gittelson is a mother of two sons and a daughter, who inspire her to improve the lives of other children. She enjoys hiking and working out, as well as volunteering her time in the community. She has held leadership positions in community organizations, as well as spearheading organizational events and fundraisers.

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